Clinical Trials

A Participatory Approach to Optimizing Obesity Prevention Interventions

Senior female patient with a female doctor

HealthyW8 takes an iterative optimisation approach toward the development of interventions to assure optimal impact on obesity prevention. For complex interventions, strategies and behaviour change techniques need to be selected and tested in different contexts, involving relevant stakeholders and end-users, by incremental optimisation. Interventions’ acceptability and feasibility to key stakeholders will be ensured by a participatory design approach, allowing stakeholders to influence from the outset their design and development and integrate the needs of the target groups. The obesity prevention potential of interventions and their implementation strategies will be evaluated in over a dozen multicentre pilots (3 months) and long-term (12 months) randomised control trials (RCTs) including more than 2,000 participants in 8 different countries. In parallel, user feedback will be collected on feasibility, acceptability and needs, allowing researchers to respond in real-time to deviations and to capture context-related factors of success and failure.

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