Advancing Effective Obesity Prevention Initiatives Across Europe

Over 30% of EU citizens at vulnerable stages and situations in life are at increased risk to transgress from healthy weight to overweight and further to obesity. Although many interventions have been proposed to tackle obesity, they have rarely been effective due to their failure to adapt to personal contexts, overlook emotional factors, and engage users. The goal of HealthyW8 is to improve the efficacy of obesity prevention initiatives across Europe by developing a digital-based healthy lifestyle recommender system that tailors interventions to individual needs and preferences.

The project brings together a consortium of 24 public and private partners among the most prestigious institutions in Europe and will draw on transdisciplinary research to increase the impact of current and future obesity prevention interventions and policies in the EU.

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A Multi-Level Intervention to Fight Obesity in Europe

HealthyW8 aims to prevent obesity by taking a multi-disciplinary portfolio approach that combines interventions focusing on diet, physical activity, and psycho-emotional aspects. The project will consider obesity as a multifactorial phenomenon and account for individual, interpersonal, organizational, community, and public policy levels. HealthyW8 will focus on pivotal situations in the life-trajectory of individuals, where the risk of progressing to overweight and obesity is high, such as primary schoolchildren, young adults, and the elderly. The project aims to empower citizens to adopt healthy and sustainable lifestyle behaviours while supporting evidence-based clinical, environmental, and policy-level decisions.


Innovative Approaches to Tackle Obesity

Outstanding features of HealthyW8 encompass a novel bio-marker assessment approach, multi-component eHealth interventions, integration of personal mood/psychological aspects, and the combination of nudging/gamification features with the support of the Human Learning and Recommendation System (HLRS) and Human Digital Twin (HDT). By incorporating these elements, the project surpasses the current state-of-the-art in the field of obesity prevention and offers innovative solutions to address this global health concern.

Altogether, the project will generate technological, service, social, and policy innovations, contributing to a holistic and multidimensional approach to tackling obesity. By incorporating advancements in technology, providing user-centered services, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, and offering policy guidance, HealthyW8 aims to make a significant impact in the field of obesity prevention and management.

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Who Will Benefit from HealthyW8?

A Multifaceted Solution for Improving Health Outcomes Across Europe


HealthyW8 aims to benefit a wide range of target groups and stakeholders. These include primary school children, young adults, and the elderly, as well as healthcare professionals, educators, and health care services. Additionally, food industries and wholesalers, sports organizations, insurance companies, policy makers and government authorities, academic and scientific communities, citizens and the society at large are expected to benefit from the project's outcomes and solutions.

The project aims to reach millions of people across Europe, with a predicted 200,000 adherent users in the short-midterm. By using the solution, it is claimed that the prevention of obesity in users can result in significant improvements in health outcomes, including preventing metabolic syndrome, increasing life expectancy, and avoiding premature deaths. The projected savings in healthcare costs for treating obesity in users are estimated to be 5.4M€/year in the EU. The HealthyW8 solution aims to contribute to reducing the socio-economic impact of unhealthy lifestyles, which can cost up to 82BN€/year in the EU.


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Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
Università di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenzo
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Universidade de Évora
Universitat de les Illes Balears
University of Twente
Universidad de Coimbra
Regional Cluster North-East

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