HealthyW8 Launches Stakeholder Advisory Board to Lead Global Initiatives in Obesity Prevention

Meticulously selected experts will contribute to analysis, validation, and advocacy, fostering innovation in the fight against obesity and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Team gathered

In a strategic move to enhance global obesity prevention efforts, HealthyW8 proudly announces the establishment of its Stakeholder Advisory Board (StAB). Comprising distinguished experts from diverse sectors, including public and private entities, academia, and research, this Advisory Board is poised to revolutionize obesity prevention strategies on a global scale.
A Collaborative Approach to Combatting Obesity
The HealthyW8 project, funded under the European Commission call HORIZON-HLTH-2022-STAYHLTH-01-two-stage, aims to empower individuals through a digital-based healthy lifestyle recommender system. The project has brought together a consortium of seasoned professionals to form the Stakeholder Advisory Board. This collective aims to foster collaboration, innovation, and strategic guidance in the crucial area of obesity prevention.
Meticulous Selection Process Ensures Diversity
The constitution of the StAB follows a meticulous selection process, ensuring a comprehensive and diverse representation. Factors such as professional experience, geographical diversity, and gender balance have been carefully considered, resulting in a robust Advisory Board capable of addressing the multifaceted challenges of obesity prevention.
Integral Roles in Project Success
Members of the StAB are set to play crucial roles in various dimensions of HealthyW8's mission:

  • Analysis: Delving into global obesity issues, mapping challenges, and understanding diverse perspectives.
  • Validation: Providing expert insights during the implementation phase to enhance project efficacy.
  • Advocacy: Contributing to the development of robust global health policies to address the obesity epidemic.
  • Engagement: Actively participating in project activities, ensuring a holistic and collaborative approach to obesity prevention.

The Purpose Behind the Advisory Board
The StAB is not merely symbolic; it stands as a permanent board dedicated to fostering innovation, providing critical perspectives on project work, and ensuring a seamless transition from project development to impactful results.
Introducing the StAB Members:

  • Joanna Lane: Professor at the Centre for Health & Technology, University of South Eastern Norway; Senior EU Advisor at Norway Health Tech; Senior Expert in interregional innovation.
  • Antonis Vlassopoulos: Postdoctoral Fellow Food & Health, Agricultural University of Athens; Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist; Vice-President of the Hellenic Dietetic Association.
  • Sandra Van Hogen-Koster: Head Teacher at the Master in Advanced Nursing Practice at Saxion University of Applied Sciences; Professor in Positive Health, Lifestyle, and Leadership.
  • Rodolfo M. Nayga: Professor and Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics at Texas A&M University; Expert in the economics of food consumption, policy, and health.
  • Simona Bo: Associate Professor in Clinical Nutrition at the University of Torino; MD at the Dietetic and Clinical Nutrition Unit of the “Città della Salute e della Scienza” Hospital of Torino.

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