HealthyW8 Newsletter #2: Celebrating Our First Anniversary and Advancing Obesity Prevention Efforts

Explore the latest HealthyW8 Project Newsletter, celebrating the project first anniversary with updates on our obesity prevention efforts, insights from key collaborative initiatives, and information on upcoming events and related projects.

Newsletter 2

We are excited to announce the release of the second edition of the HealthyW8 Project Newsletter, marking a significant milestone as we celebrate our first anniversary! This edition encapsulates our ongoing commitment to combatting obesity and promoting healthier lifestyles across Europe through innovative initiatives and collaborative efforts.

What's Inside:

World Obesity Day 2024 Highlights: We reflect on our participation in World Obesity Day, emphasizing the theme "Changing Perspectives: Let's Talk About Obesity." This global campaign underscores the importance of addressing obesity through advocacy, education, and policy reform.

Insights from World Obesity Atlas 2024: The latest World Obesity Atlas sheds light on obesity as a preventable cause of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), offering comprehensive data on global obesity prevalence and its impact on health outcomes.

EU-Funded Projects Collaboration: We participated in a dynamic clustering event alongside EU-funded projects dedicated to combating obesity, fostering collaboration, and enhancing collective impact on public health across Europe.

1st Annual Meeting and Clinical Trials Training: Our inaugural annual meeting held in Palma de Mallorca showcased achievements from our first year. Highlights included strategic discussions on advancing obesity research and comprehensive clinical trials training to equip our team with essential skills.

Related Projects Spotlight:

In our new section, we highlight two impactful projects:

  • eprObes Project: Early prevention of obesity through patient-centred approaches and cutting-edge technologies.
  • Bio-Streams Project: Innovative strategies for preventing underage obesity, integrating bioinformatics and AI to drive evidence-based solutions.

Upcoming Events:

Stay informed about upcoming events and related initiatives:

  • SCOPE Sessions: Women’s Health and Obesity
  • 46th ESPEN Congress on Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism
  • Masterclass on Obesity Prevention and Management
  • 33rd Congress European Childhood Obesity Group
  • Sailing the Waves of European Public Health: Exploring a Sea of Innovation

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